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The Menus

We bring the restaurant to you! Served family style or plated, this private in-home experience will be a night you’ll remember for years. Enjoy the party and entertain your guests while we take care of the preparation, cooking, serving, and cleaning. Every event is curated to fit your needs. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, or just life; leave it to us to prepare an outstanding meal that fits the occasion.

An exclusive dining experience

Chef Chantal comes to your home or your rented venue. We do offer a building or physical space of our own. When choosing a venue, please note that the chef requires a full, normal residential kitchen on site.

Customized menu planning

Grocery shopping

Full kitchen clean up (you’ll never know we were there!)

Full bar drink cocktails and wine and soft drinks

Venue sourcing

Event management and many more…

Dinner Menus

Menu 1

Ultimate Seafood Experience

Seafood Boil
Shrimp, lobster, crab legs, sausage, corn, potatoes, egg, mussel, clams

Menu 2

Beet and goat carpaccio

Scallop carpaccio
Creole sauce and roasted cashew nuts

A duo of avocados and mangoes
Shrimps salad

Caesar salad

Pork tenderloin and caramelized pineapple
Vegetables and  sweet mashed potatoes

Grilled Snapper filet green beans and jasmine rice

Mushroom  risotto served with a mix of sautéed vegetables

Roasted Rack of lamb served with scallops potatoes with vegetable creamy pesto sauce

Crème brûlée
Strawberry pavlova meringue

Menu 3

Carpaccio de tomates
Flocons de parmesan, pesto et burratina
Tempura of escargot served with mushroom sauce
Creamy onion soup
Carpaccio salmon

Lamb shank cooked in red wine served with mashed potatoes
Due shrimp and Sea scallops served with sweet potato pure
Grilled Mahi Mahi and salmon served with jasmine rice
Black mushroom linguini
Red and yellow pepper stuff with basil quinoa and cherry tomato sauce 

Crêpe Crème brûlée
Apple pie
Lava cake
Banana crispy roll with caramel sauce 

Menu 4

4 course Dinner

Foie Gras
Creamy Pumpkin soup 
A duo of Brie and goat salad
Tempura of escargot served with mushroom sauce
Crispy rice with tuna tartar
Roaster Mussel with garlic butter

Pumping risotto vegetable
Beef Rossini tenderloin served with scallop foie gras with truffle mashed potatoes and baby carrot
Surf and Turf lobster and rack of lamb served with scallops potatoes
Grilled Mahi Mahi served with jasmine rice surprise sauce by the chef

Milieu feuilles de fruit rouge
Strawberry Pana cotta
Chocolate mousse
Peach crumble

Lunch Buffet

Ultimate Caribbean

Including 3 poultry  and 3 side order 

Jerk Chicken
Jerk Pork
Curry Goat
Stew Conch
Fried Chicken
Fish (roasted, grilled, steamed, brown stew, curry)
Curry Crab
Fried Plantain
Rice and Peas
Raw Vegetable Salad
Steam Veggies
Mash Potatoes 
White Rice 
Rice and Peas
Potato Salad
Johnny Cake
Salad (of your choice)

Brunch Buffet

Eggs, Waffles, Grits, Omelet, Bacon, Sausages, French Toast, Pancakes, Croissant, Fruits

Add ons available

Smoked salmon
Stuffed salmon

Lunch Menus

Menu 1

Carpaccio de tomates
Flocons de parmesan, pesto et burratina
Coconut shrimp with avocado sauce 
Tree way Bruschetta by chef smoke salmon, smoke ham, got cheese 

Seafood pasta with chardonnay wine and pesto sauce 
Sea scallop salad 
Blacken mahi mahi served with jasmine rice 
Grilled Chicken kebab served with baked potatoes with vegetable

Mix fruit salad 
Peach melba ice cream 
Lemon tart 

Cheese lover board 
Cracker, fruit, cheese 


Option  1
3 course meal comes with 2 sides from the menu 2 or 3 

Option 2
3 course meal comes with 2 sides and 1 bottle of wine from the menu 2 or 3 

Option 3
3 course meal comes with 2 sides, a full bar option with a waitress, and tableware from menu 2 or 4 

Option 4
4 course dinner comes with 2 sides, a full bar option with a waitress, and tableware with a luxurious menu

Option 5 (additional fees apply)
Fully equipped bar and staff

Option 6  (additional fees apply)
Decoration, ballon, fresh flower…

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